Sunday, January 06, 2008

God's Word For Me

A friend and a classmate felt God was telling him to share this with me.
There is great joy within the sorrow and weariness.

May there arise from within you a freedom to release the joy and laughter with and to your congregation.

There is a refreshment to be released to your people - a much needed refreshment … and, a refreshment that can be released from and through you.

This isn’t anything hat must be manufactured or produced … its already in you… let it emerge and flow forth.

Not only do they need to see this in you - you desperately need to know, see and release it..

There is and will be great strength found in this place of joy.

Dallas Willard reminded us “Joy and sorrow are not inconstant for the child of God.”

My congregation doesn't often see me when I am at my liveliest. Especially breakfasts on Wednesdays, I know they see me as withdrawn, sullen and quiet. Sometimes that has been interpreted as being unfriendly. Part of this is that I am not a morning person. I spend most mornings that way. I am a little more excitable on Sunday mornings because of what is in store.

Even in the midst of missing my family and the sorrow that surrounds that, looking over the L.A. basin at night I am struck by the presence and goodness of my Jesus. I have deep joy in him. I love him so much.

I think perhaps I should start taking my kids to school on Wednesdays and use the interim time to practice celebration. I could make myself a joyful cup of coffee to take to breakfast with me. (A triple Americano always helps my joy break out!) And I can wake up by dancing before my God in celebration. That will no doubt change my demeanor at breakfast.

He this is practical stuff, but the disciplines are really transforming my life! Whoopie! I can trust God to transform the church around and through me as well!

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  1. Ooh, ooh, I love! Yes, PLEASE take the kids to school on Wednesday mornings!!! (Happy grin)