Thursday, November 11, 2004

Labyrinth actualized

Last night I walked a sacred path. I walked with God. I could feel, as I twisted and turned around the labyrinth, my body grow warm. That seems to be the way the body reacts to Spirit. Even when praying for someone you can see their cheeks flush when God is moving on them, or so I learned in college.

My legs tingled, my whole body seemed bathed in the presence of God. When I went into the rosette, the space in the middle, each pedal held a different concept for my meditation. I followed a traditional contemplation of creation. Especially coming to thinking on human kind, I paused before stepping in. The pain of the fall and all our aspirations to know God flowed through my mind. There I lingered a bit. Finally when I came to contemplating the Unknowable Boundless Deity, I hesitated greatly before entering. Then when I lingered in that spot of meditation, my body felt aflame. It felt as though flames licked my hair as long as I stood there. I took my glasses off and wept into my hand.

On the way back out talking with God, I felt like he still hadn't answered any of the questions I sit with, but again he is there with me. I felt him saying through his touch that his presence was my consolation.

When I came out of the labyrinth I reflected on the community aspect of the experience. I had always imagined waling a labyrinth in some lonely place, alone. Passing people praying and meditating was a grace in itself. I watched my friend Rich walk, as he was the last. I watched as he paused in prayer, those moments were dear to me. Even sitting in my seat I felt the Spirit flood over me again, perhaps the way he was at that moment pouring over Rich.

At home as I was falling asleep I could still feel the presence of God bathing me. God is so gracious. I stand in awe of you Lord, that you would meet our seeking hearts even in the midst of a maze, a plaything for our bodies with divine consequence. I adore you, and feel a deep hunger to step into a deep communion of devotion.

[Listening to: Jesus Be Golrified - Skillet - Ardent Worship Live (04:39)]

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  1. Oh yes, God walks with on in the maze of life. How conscious are we? How attentive are we? Does God walk with us or do we walk with God? :)